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Custom sculpture can help you remember your loved ones as individuals. A hand-sculpted memorial lets us capture personal memories and bring them to life in enduring stone. The artwork can depict personal interests, religious images and other symbols important to you and your loved ones.

The Custom Sculpture Process:

1. Meet with the client to understand exactly what they want.
2. Make a model, a rubber mold and then a plaster cast.
3. Use a cross-shaped device to gauge the correct depth of the carvings.
4. Carve the sculpture in stone to bring the design to life.

Our Sculpture:

Ted Stroie started woodcarving while visiting a local monastery as a teenager in his homeland of Romania. He was instantly hooked. He searched out books on the subject and through years of learning and tireless practice, Ted taught himself the art of sculpting. When Romania became too dangerous to stay, he escaped to Italy and then moved to the United States. Almost two decades and thousands of sculptures later, Ted still uses many of the same hand tools he learned to use in the old country.

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