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Advance Planning

Prearranging and pre-financing of final expenses has quickly become part of the estate plan for today's families.

Prearranging and pre-financing of a funeral is one of the most requested services that offers, and has become a common part of the estate plan for today's families. Families prearrange a funeral for a variety of reasons, some emotional and some practical. Prearrangement has several advantages, including:

  • The opportunity to make your wishes known ahead of time, and to think clearly about the numerous decisions that will need to be made so that your family does not need to struggle with such decisions during their time of loss.
  • The ability to lock in your cost against future increases. A pre-financed funeral and associated costs are guaranteed against normal inflationary effects.
  • The opportunity to relieve your family of the burden of making difficult decisions during their time of loss. Prearranging a funeral, gravesite and memorial is easy.

We will first ask for your cemetery preference, as the cemetery's rules often set the stage for other decisions. Secondly, we will asked what type of memorial you would like, slant, raised, flush, etc., and we will tell you if the cemetery you have selected will accept the type of memorial you have selected. Thirdly, we will help you pre-purchase your marker and select the style, color and design.

If you decide to move ahead with plans, we can coordinate all contracts, take a deposit, and, for markers that are pre-purchased, we can place a blank stone on your cemetery plot.

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